Sentimental Wedding Jewellery

Sentimental Wedding Jewellery

We all know that the most important jewellery tends to be that which carries sentimental value: your mother’s pearls, grandmother’s ring or grandfather’s watch. Often the people who originally owned the jewellery may not have known it would be of so much importance, but objects that we wear contain a story and an element of our lives that may be treasured by those who come after us. As such, their value is irreplaceable. Wedding jewellery is weighted with sentimental value from day one, carrying the memory of the vows made and the special day. Being a valuable object and holding this sentimental weight mean that making the right choices for your wedding jewellery is important, if not essential, and the time involved should not be underestimated.

The Groom

As weddings tend to centre around the bride, it is easy for the groom’s nuptial jewellery to sink into the background. Choosing a wedding band for the groom may be one of the more tricky choices to make. But it is equally important as the bride’s. It may be the first and only ring they will wear and so finding one that suits them and is comfortable and feels natural on their hand may be quite a task. From slim plain bands to ribbed smooth rings, and from white, yellow, or rose gold to diamonds and stacked rings, there are many choices out there to allow you to make sure you pick the right thing.

The Bride

Her day is one of the most important days of her life. Every element is pored over and chosen with meticulous detail – including, of course, wedding jewellery. It should match the dress, complement its colour, cut and detail and complete the look or image the bride is going for. But most importantly it should be something to keep for life. Pearl necklaces, diamond earrings or a bracelet — whatever the item, care and time and probably money are involved in finding the perfect item for the big day so that it will be important to her, and possibly her children and grandchildren, in the future.

The Bridesmaids

They will need jewellery too, and it is best if it matches their dresses and the bride’s outfit. One option is to give them their jewellery on the morning of the wedding as their thank-you gift. This can ensure that their jewellery matches their dresses and the wedding’s theme perfectly, and means that the jewellery will be loaded with even more sentimental value as it gives time for a special moment between the bride and the bridesmaids.

After the wedding day it is important to make sure jewellery is looked after carefully. It should be clean and dry before it is wrapped and stored to ensure it will be treasured for generations to come. But putting it away for ever is not a good idea. Jewellery should be worn and loved. It’s a way to carry memories with you, so whether you are putting it with your favourite party dress or dressing up a simple outfit, wear it and care for it.